Things You Need To Know About Health And Music

Music is an elementary attribute of the human kinds. When we listen to music, we move our body, we clap, take steps or dance, we even sing. Our brain and nervous system hard separate music from noise. View this article to know how music enhance human health.

Music And The Brain

Music pass through our ear in the form of sound waves. The inner ear collects the waves and pass it to the Canadian funnel. The Canadian funnel will pass it to the eardrum which it causes vibration that relayed alongside with the tiny bone in the middle ear. If the waves moves to the third bone. It will now connect to what we call cochlea. Cochlea is a fluid that surround 15000 tiny hair cilia. The vibration will now send the fluid waves to the spiral shaped cochlea. While the fluid will produce movement for hair cells, in return the hair cell will release a chemical called neurotransmitter, this activates the audible nerve. This will now send electric current to the audible cortex in the temporal lobe of the cerebrum. Every healthy human brain can smell music while musicians' brains are to talk about music. A neurologist stated that patients with wounded brain might display remarkable fault in musicality. Music also has an impact on many part of health.

Music And Stress

Music help people to show how they feel, and it also makes them to speaks with others. Music helps to remove stress in the sense that is a patient listen to music with his/her headphones before an operation this will increase his/her heart rate. After the operation they will feel calm and better, this is just the work of music during the surgery. This means that before going for surgery you might listen to music of your choice, so as not to be scared.